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Friday, June 8, 2007

12346 hrs, 37 mins until Election Day

ABC (Political Radar): Giuliani Slams Edwards on Terrorism
Atlantic City Press: Brownback to compete in Iowa straw poll
Bakersfield Californian: Calif. AG seeks presidential candidates' backing on climate plan
Birmingham News: Obama supporters plan house-to-house canvassing
Boston Globe: Campaigns create jobs for college grads, fresh faces for parties
Burlington Free Press: Douglas pitches energy program while Gore backs another
CBS News: Immigration Collapse A Blow To Bush
Chicago Tribune: Obama passes on donations
CNN: Book: Clinton's 'inauthenticity' a problem
Denver Post: City councilwoman to press on for protesters
Denver Post: Richardson touts change in Colorado visit
Denver Post: Tancredo praises Senate vote
Des Moines Register: Tancredo: Immigration stalemate hurts McCain
Deseret Morning News: Romney son driving 'Mitt Mobile' to Iowa
Exeter (NH) News-Letter: Little known GOP candidate in Exeter
Exeter (NH) News-Letter: John Edwards makes presidential visit to Exeter
Foster's Daily Democrat (NH): Biden promotes Iraq federal plan to ease sectarian tensions
Georgia Straight: Book Review: Gore: The Enemy of Reason is Fear
Greenville (SC) News: Obama supporters to knock on area doors on Saturday
Houston Chronicle: Romney disparages Korea model for Iraq
KCBS (Los Angeles): Video: Senators Lock Horns Over Immigration Reform Deal
KCNC (Denver): Edwards Challenges Clinton's Terror Comments
KCNC (Denver): Video: Richardson Returns To Colorado To Campaign
KCRA (Sacramento): Brown Seeks Candidates' Backing On Climate Plan
KOCO (Oklahoma City: Hillary Clinton To Hold OKC Fundraiser
L.A. Weekly: What Tony Soprano Could Learn From Hillary Clinton
Lexington Herald-Leader: Obama, Dodd voice doubts on Holsinger
Manchester Union-Leader: Fred Thompson plans late-June trip to NH
Manchester Union-Leader: Roger Simon: Romney, Giuliani were winners in Tuesday's GOP debate
Mason City (IA) Globe-Gazette: Dodd cancels Iowa appearances this weekend
Miami Herald: Clinton wins endorsement of Rep. Meek
Morris Daily Record: Elizabeth Edwards opens up about husband, health at Morristown deli
MSNBC: McCain backer bails over immigration
New York Daily News: McCain in Finest hour as honored by cops
New York Observer: BlogPost: Big Guests at Hillary's Party, but Not Hillary
New York Observer: BlogPost: Rudy's Second-Quarter Push
New York Post: Sun Shines On Fred
New York Sun: Peace Corps Part of Edwards Terror Plan
New York Sun: Conservative Scholars Laud Giuliani Health Plan
News & Observer: Thompson has good ratings with state GOP
Newton (IA) Daily News: McCain to visit Newton Saturday
NYP: Edwards: Giuliani's Losing Plan
Portsmouth (NH) Herald: Local activist endorses Clinton
Pueblo Chieftain: Richardson campaigns here today
Quad City Times: Tommy Thompson will be in area today
Richmond (VA) Times-Dispatch: Allen has praise for Fred Thompson
Rocky Mountain News: Tancredo, Salazar on opposite sides of fence in assessing vote
Rutland Herald: Former VP Gore lobbies Douglas : Governor won't budge on energy
Salt Lake Tribune: Obama backers to canvass Sugar House
Santa Fe New Mexican: 2008 presidential race: Richardson keeps courting Western support
St Louis Post-Dispatch: GOP's Tommy Thompson touts Medicaid here
St Paul Pioneer Press: 'Don't ask, don't tell' at issue again
State College Centre Daily: Gingrich warns of GOP losses in 2008
The Hill (Pundit Blog): Dick Morris: Delay Does Not Help Fred Thompson
The Hill (Pundit Blog): A.B. Stoddard: The Politics of America’s Post-Sept. 11 Safety
The Hill (Pundit Blog): Bob Franken: The Dancers and the Jesters
The Hill: Video: Gravel Berates Congressional Leadership on Iraq
The Oklahoman: Clinton coming to Oklahoma City
The State: BlogPost: S.C. Politics Today / Brownback to visit Greenville County
The State: BlogPost: S.C. Politics Today / Obama to be in Upstate on June 15
Troy (OH) Daily News: National Socialist Movement presidential candidate visits Troy (pd. sub. req)
WANE (Fort Wayne): Indiana's David McIntosh Serving Thompson Presidential Team
Washington Post: Edwards Says Bush's Anti-Terror Campaign Is Just Three Little Words
Washington Post: Defections to Fred Thompson Pose a Major Threat to McCain
Washington Post: A Failure of Leadership in a Flawed Political Culture
Washington Times: Kennedy alliance costly to GOP senators
Washington Times: Obama rallies supporters for door-to-door campaign
Washington Times: Hillary's 'zero' abortions goal hit
WBBM (Chicago): Obama Gives Away Donations From Men Tied To Rezko
WCAX (Burlington): Energy Bill Battle
WCCO (Minneapolis): Antiwar Leaders Prepare For GOP Convention Protest
WHO (Des Moines): Weekend Visits for Presidential Candidates
WRAL (Raleigh): Thompson Grabs Lead In N.C. Primary Poll
WZZM (Grand Rapids): Giuliani campaigns in Grand Rapids

Thursday, June 7, 2007

12364 hrs, 6 mins until Election Day

ABC (Political Radar): Giuliani Mocks McCain's Immigration Stance
ABC News: Clooney Talks About Paris, Parenthood and the Presidental Race
Austin American-Statesman: Democrats raring to go for '08, despite history
Boston Globe: Candidates debate Darfur; debate sponsor has Sudan investments
Birmingham News: Sen. Dodd stumps for votes in state
Boston Globe: To see the Bills, some grads ask for a few
Boston Globe: Douglas explains veto as Gore lobbies for climate change override
CNN (Political Ticker): Bernstein: Clinton a "camouflaged woman"
CNN: Video: New Clinton book dissected
CNN: Video: John Edwards on Rudy Giuliani
CNN: Martin: Obama's 'quiet riots' are for real
Davenport (IA) Leader: Tommy Thompson campaigning in area
Dubuque Telegraph Herald: Obama at Lincoln School at noon Saturday
Fox News: Video: Pollster Frank Luntz applies his state of the art analysis to the GOP debate
Fox News: Video: Fox Poll: Fred Thompson gaining popularity with Republicans
Fox News: Video: YouTube: John Edwards on rights vs. privileges
Fox News: Video: GOP presidential candidates Rudy Giuliani and John McCain skipping Iowa straw poll
KLAS (Las Vegas): Richardson Is Wrapping Up Another Las Vegas Visit
KOB (Albuquerque): Richardson objects to proposed restrictions on state tailpipe standards
KOB (Albuquerque): Richardson shadows single dad in bid for union's endorsement
KRNV (Reno): Assembly Democrat to Lead John Edwards Presidential Campaign in Nevada
KSWT (Yuma): McCain Stands By Immigration Plan
KTKA (Topeka): Republican candidates walk fine line in criticizing Bush administration, Iraq (w/ Video)
KTNV (Las Vegas): Bill Richardson Hopes To Win Over Las Vegas Voters
KTVB (Boise): GOP's move to close primary concerns some
KTVX (Salt Lake City): Video: Mitt Romney defends faith, impresses voters
KTVX (Salt Lake City): Mitt Romney defends faith, impresses voters
KUSA (Denver): Presidential candidates whip up support in Colorado
Laconia (NH) Citizen: GOP hopefuls court state party's support at gala fundraiser
Le Mars (IA) Daily Sentinel: Tancredo to host 'conservative breakfast forum' in Le Mars
Los Angeles Times: Libby pardon poses quandary for GOP hopefuls
Los Angeles Times: Edwards criticizes Clinton for saying U.S. is safer since 9/11
Los Angeles Times: Hillary Clinton enjoys renewed Hollywood clout
Minneapolis Star-Tribune: Antiwar march planned for GOP convention
MSNBC (Hardball): Video: Ben Affleck tells Chris Matthews about Hollywood's reaction to Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton
MSNBC (Tucker): Video: Clinton and Obama’s fundraising battle
NBC (Today Show): Video: Dead GI's sister confronts candidates
WKEF (Dayton): Voter intimidation targeted by Obama
WQAD (Moline, IL): McCain gets backing of 13 key Iowa activists
WQAD (Moline, IL): Obama gives pep talk to Walk for Change leaders
WRTV (Indianapolis): Video: Rudy's Bolt From Above Explained

12367 hrs, 29 mins until Election Day

ABC (Political Punch): Obama wins
ABC (Political Radar): Edwards Distances Himself from Clinton, Says Giuliani Will "Never Be Elected"
ABC (Political Radar): Third GOPer Skipping Iowa Straw Poll
ABC News: Lesser-Known '08ers Reach Out to YouTuber
ABC News: Will Romney Be Only Candidate in Iowa Poll?
Business Journal of Phoenix: Poll shows opposition to legal path for immigrants as McCain's rating dips
CBS News: Hillaryland, By The Book(s) (Amazon & Amazon)
Cincinnati Post: Film shares 'magical' Bill Clinton moment
CNN (Political Ticker): The Ron Paul phenomenon?
Financial Times: Opinion: The Democrats still live in the long shadow of Vietnam (Free Preview)
Fox News: Poll: Clinton, Giuliani Seen as Top '08 Candidates
Goldsboro (NC) News-Argus: ECU student part of national efforts for Barack Obama
Kalamazoo Gazette: Giuliani talks border security in Grand Rapids
KBCI (Boise): GOP presidential hopeful to tap Boise for campaign cash
KCNC (Denver): Denver Backs Off Protestors' Rights Resolution
KMGH (Denver): Bill Richardson Brings Presidential Campaign To Colorado
KVOA (Tucson): Immigration bill costs McCain county chairman
Lancaster (PA) Intelligencer Journal: Giuliani, McCain are dead even in Pa. GOP race
MSNBC: Mercurio: A New York state of mind?
New York Newsday: Giuliani calls for NYC CompStat-type program for border security
New York Post: Hill's $$ Haul Near A Record
New York Post: Rudy To Stay Ioway From 'Vote'
Omaha World-Herald: Straw poll loses two heavy hitters
Sioux City Journal: Dodd to campaign in Sioux City Sunday
South Florida Sun-Sentinel: Wasserman Schultz and Hastings named national co-chairs for Hillary Clinton
The Hill (Pundit Blog): Karen Hanretty: Jeri Thompson is a Hottie. Deal With It.
The Hill: BlogPost: Tancredo Crashing His Own Party
WALB (Albany, GA): Poll: Thompson gains on Giuliani in Fla., Democratic race stable
Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier: Giuliani announces Iowa chairman, opens office
WFTV (Orlando): Florida Evangelist Criticized For Anti-Romney Rants
CNN (Political Ticker): The Ron Paul phenomenon?
WOI (Des Moines): Ames Straw Poll No Longer Big Deal?
WOI (Des Moines): Straw poll pullout could have long-term effects
WOOD (Grand Rapids): Giuliani in Grand Rapids for cash, cops
WPLG (Miami): Floridians Weigh In On Presidential Candidates
WVTM (Birmingham): Dodd Seeks Democratic Votes In Ala

12372 hrs, 24 mins until Election Day

ABC (Political Punch): Ills and Ailes
ABC (Political Radar): Candidates Pitch Pies, Dinner for Cash
ABC (Political Radar): Clinton Moves In On The Youth Market
ABC News: The Note: Romney Gets Double-Teamed
ABC News: Gingrich: 4-1 Odds Against GOP Bid
ABC News: Richardson Adept As Recreational Hunter
ABC News: Helping or Hurting Hillary?
Albuquerque Journal: BlogPost: Richardson Watch
Atlantic City Press: Poll: Fred Thompson gains in Florida
Austin American-Statesman: Giuliani to skip Texas GOP straw poll
Baltimore Sun: Two to skip Iowa straw poll
Bloomington (IN) Herald-Times: Candace Gingrich to speak today about gay rights and politics (pd. sub. req)
Boston Globe: Bill Clinton tells Harvard grads 'women should run everything now'
Boston Globe: Clinton replaces Iowa campaign director
Boston Herald: Mitt blames go-it-alone Bush for world's view of America
Burlington Free Press: State Democrats call on Gore to combat veto
Business News of Phoenix: McCain continues to promote nuclear option nationally and in Arizona
Chicago Sun-Times: Book crowd begs Gore to enter '08 fray
CNN: Video: Graham vs. Obama
Concord (NH) Monitor: At high school, Romney challenged on gay unions
Concord (NH) Monitor: Opinion: McCain still commands attention from voters
Concord (NH) Monitor: Giuliani sticks to his guns
Concord (NH) Monitor: A positive spin on $400 hairdos
Concord (NH) Monitor: $19,500 talks at GOP dinner
C-SPAN: Video: GOP Dinner in New Hampshire
Denver Post: Setback for protesters
Des Moines Register: Giuliani, McCain ditch Republican straw poll
Deseret Morning News: AP Interview: Romney at odds with Bush administration on long-term U.S. presence in Iraq
Elmira Star-Gazette: Clinton rallies women for her presidential bid
Erie Times-News: Richard Cohen: Fred Thompson wants to be president. Voters will soon ask why?
Everette (WA) Daily Herald: David Broder: Playing to fringes doesn't show leadership potential
Fox News: Bill Richardson: I'm a 'Recreational' Hunter
Fox News: Video: Carl Bernstein uncovers personal details about Hillary Clinton in new book
Fox News: Video: John Edwards attends lunch with actor Danny Glover
Greenville (SC) News: Brownback to speak at men's conference
Harrisburg (PA) Patriot-News: BlogPost: Word from the masses
Honolulu Advertiser: Obama has heated exchange in Senate hallway
Houston Chronicle: Presidential hopeful Richardson tackles immigration
Houston Chronicle: GOP's Giuliani, McCain to skip straw poll in Iowa
Idaho Statesman: McCain's wife and Utah's governor to hold fundraiser in Boise
KBTX (Bryan): Early Kick-Off for Presidential Debates
KCBS (Los Angeles): Video: Hillary Clinton More Of A Campaign Target?
KCBS (Los Angeles): Senators Lock Horns Over Immigration Reform Deal
KCCI (Des Moines): Video: Giuliani, McCain To Forego Straw Poll
KFSM (Fort Smith): Huckabee acknowledges "absolute error" in getting Reagan dates wrong
KFSM (Fort Smith): Should religion and politics coexist?
KIVI (Boise): GOP Presidential Hopeful To Tap Boise For Campaign Cash
KLAS (Las Vegas): Richardson Promises to Tackle Transportation in Las Vegas
KMTV (Omaha): Iowa Mayor Says Sexism Hurting Hillary
KNTV (San Francisco): GOP Candidates Attack Bush
KTVN (Reno): Richardson promises to tackle transportation in Las Vegas
Las Cruces Sun-News: Richardson agrees to Spanish language presidential debate
Lawrence (KS) Journal-World: Brownback optimistic about campaign
Los Angeles Times: Obama's way is with words, not hugs
Los Angeles Times: Giuliani, McCain leave a void in Iowa straw poll
Manchester Union-Leader: Romney backs personal retirement accounts
Manchester Union-Leader: Robert Novak: Democratic establishment turning away from John Edwards
Marshalltown (IA) Times-Republican: Giuliani, McCain to skip Ames straw poll
Mason City (IA) Globe-Gazette: Giuliani, McCain skip Iowa GOP summer straw vote
Miami Herald: Few takers so far for debates in Spanish
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Tommy Thompson to rethink plan
Modesto Bee: Guiliani, McCain in Modesto area
MSNBC (Hardball): Video: Tom DeLay on politics
MSNBC (Tucker): Video: Ron Paul explains his ideas
MSNBC: Book Report: What Hillary Has to Fear
Myrtle Beach Sun: Actor helps Edwards during rural campaign
Naples Daily News: Floridians want a Clinton v. Giuliani race
New York Observer: BlogPost: Hillary Heads to Bronx for Non-Presidential Non-Candidate Forum
New York Post: Missing Man Thompson Casts Long Shadow
New York Post: GOP Tops On Terror: Panel
New York Post: McC & Rudy In Alien War
New York Post: S.I. Titan's Feared Wall Falls Down
New York Sun: Fred the Elephant
New York Sun: Edwards To Outline Security Plan
New York Sun: Millions Spent on Bill Clinton Were Worth It, Neb. Entrepreneur Says
New York Sun: Giuliani, McCain To Skip Iowa Straw Poll
New York Sun: Giuliani's Libby Comments Signal New Attitude
Parkersburg News and Sentinel: State GOP announces convention plan
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: Pa. Democrats favor Clinton for 2008
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: Clinton supporter's company hires Pelosi's son as senior executive
Portsmouth (NH) Herald: Tommy Thompson stresses global outreach
Portsmouth (NH) Herald: Local voters question Giuliani on abortion, guns
Providence Journal: Bishop Tobin rebukes Giuliani on abortion, lightning strikes
Providence Journal: Clinton: Reduce troops in Iraq (w/ Audio)
Providence Journal: Giuliani: Find 'common ground' (w/ Audio)
Providence Journal: M. Charles Bakst: Giuliani on abortion, war, baseball (w/ Audio)
Rocky Mountain News: Salazar: Tancredo doing U.S. 'disservice'
Rocky Mountain News: Council pulls edict on cop tactics
Salt Lake Tribune: Cal Thomas: What's faith got to do with it?
Salt Lake Tribune: Dick Polman: Clinton comes out ahead
Santa Fe New Mexican: Roundhouse Roundup, 06/07/2007 - Richardson struggles for media limelight
Stockton (CA) Record: Clinton, Obama must show some force on Iraq war
The Hill (Pundit Blog): Brent Budowsky: Republican Presidential Candidates Threaten Nuclear Bombing of Iran
The Hill (Pundit Blog): Ben Goddard: Public looking for change
The Hill: Former Sen. Thompson's entry could decimate second tier of '08 hopefuls
The Hill: Lobbying by Rudy's firm draws fire
Tinley Park (IL) Daily Southtown: Gore hits the town for book signing
Wall Street Journal: Giuliani Seeks Market-Based Health Plan
Washington Post: Romney Stresses Differences With Two GOP Rivals
Washington Post: McCain Makes Play for Evangelicals' Support
Washington Post: Dana Milbank: Hillary Fever Skips a Generation
Washington Post: Sens. Obama, Menendez Probe AID Pick's Diversity Record
Washington Post: They Know How to Caucus
Washington Times: Huckabee warns Christians not to abandon principles
Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier: Candidate Dodd in Waterloo, Waverly Saturday
WBBM (Chicago): Scores Of Gore Supporters Show Up For Book Signing
WBBM (Chicago): Video: Top GOP Presidential Candidates Distance Themselves From Bush
WBBM (Chicago): Video: Gore Tells Supporters He's Not Planning To Run Again
WBZ (Boston): Exclusive Poll Shows Romney, Giuliani Lead N.H.
WCCO (Minneapolis): Reality Check: Presidential Candidates In Minn.
WCVD (Boston): Gay Mother Challenges Romney
Wichita Eagle: Lawmakers want Army body armor retested
WJAR (Providence): Clinton Campaigns For Wife In Rhode Island
WJAR (Providence): Giuliani Discusses Abortion, 9/11 During R.I. Visit
WKRN (Nashville): Fred Thompson Adds Key Player, Launches New Web Site
WLTX (Columbia): Lindsey Graham, Barack Obama Get Into Heated Exchange (w/ Video)
WMAQ (Chicago): Gore: Celebrity News Drowning Out Climate Change
WNBC (New York): Video: Politics To Go: Skipping The Straw Poll
WNEP (Scranton): Area Fallen Soldier Focus of Presidential Debate
WOOD (Grand Rapids): Giuliani in Grand Rapids Thursday for fundraiser
Woonsocket (RI) Call: Republican Giuliani defends view on abortion, highlights stand on war against terrorism
Woonsocket (RI) Call: Former president touts R.I.?s past support in Democratic campaign for wife Hillary Clinton
WPDE (Florence): Edwards campaigns in the Pee Dee
WRAL (Raleigh): Obama Fundraiser Set for Chapel Hill
WVIT (Hartford): Dodd, Richardson Agree To Spanish Language Debate


Wednesday, June 6, 2007

12389 hrs, 49 mins until Election Day

ABC (Political Radar): Did Facebook Favor Obama?
ABC (Political Radar): Telling About "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"
ABC News: Clinton Relies on Women to Help Make History
ABC News: Giuliani, McCain to Skip Early Test of Strength in Iowa
Atlantic City Press: Gore wins award for environment work
Baltimore Sun: Immigration gets attention in debate of GOP hopefuls
Boston Herald: Hair stylist challenges candidates to $400 haircuts
CBS News: Gingrich Gives 4-To-1 Odds Against Run
Chicago Tribune: Gore book signing has a different feel
Chicago Tribune: Hollywood knows how to act the part of political candidate
Denver Post: Gingrich downplays possible White House run
East Valley (AZ) Tribune: New poll shows McCain, Clinton still favorites in Arizona
Eugene (OR) Register-Guard: At debate, GOP hopefuls rap Bush
Fox News: GOP 2008 Hopefuls Distance Selves From Bush
Fox News: Video: Mitt Romney's View on the debate and Fred Thompson
Greenville (SC) News: Brownback to speak at men's conference in Taylors
Greenville (SC) News: McCain taps state pastors, politicians to reach Christian conservatives
Greenville (SC) News: Developer joins Romney finance team
KCBS (Los Angeles): Video: The Battle For Iraq Remains A Hot Topic For Republican Candidates
KCBS (Los Angeles): Video: Republican Candidates Distance Themselves From Bush In Debate
KCCI (Des Moines): Giuliani Won't Take Part In Ames Straw Poll
KIRO (Seattle): Video: Giuliani: Invasion Right Thing To Do
KTKA (Topeka): Republican presidential candidates gather around the table to debate issues (w/ Video)
Lawrence (KS) Journal-World: Brownback defends missed votes
Lawrence (KS) Journal-World: Institute director has insight on likely candidate
Miami Herald: UM may host presidential debate in Spanish
Moscow-Pullman (ID) Daily News: Councilman submits resignation
MSNBC (Newsweek): Obama’s image problem: Rock star or policy wonk
MSNBC (Newsweek): Thompson and the 'Laziness' Issue
MSNBC (Newsweek): Giuliani: '08's other TV star
MSNBC (Scarborough Country): Video: Jon Stewart takes on Blitzer
MSNBC: Video: Third GOP presidental debate
MSNBC: Fineman: GOP Runs Far From President Bush
MSNBC: Fineman: Political playoffs
New York Observer: BlogPost: Like Ducking a Debate with Al Qaeda
New York Observer: Another Step in the Hillary Health Care Program
News & Observer: Obama coming to Chapel Hill
Philadelphia Inquirer: John Baer: GOP hopefuls debate in N.H., placing existence of God in doubt
Providence Journal: BlogPost: Guests awaiting Giuliani at Waterplace
Providence Journal: BlogPost: Clinton: If Hillary wins, I'll do what she asks
Providence Journal: Blogpost: Giuliani questioned about bishop / Photo, Audio
Providence Journal: BlogPost: Bishop: Reaction to Giuliani remarks a surprise / Audio
Providence Journal: BlogPost: Giuliani chides Clinton for missing terrorist threat (w/ Audio)
Providence Journal: BlogPost: Audio: Bakst asks Giuliani if he's willing to deal
Rocky Mountain News: Tancredo's Drudge campaign: Defeat amnesty, politicians
Salt Lake Tribune: Republican Romney, in jab at Bush, bemoans damage to U.S. image overseas
Santa Fe New Mexican: Richardson accepts invitation to Spanish-language debate
State College Centre Daily: Giuliani, McCain say no to straw poll
The Hill (Pundit Blog): Thunder on the Right Night
The Hill (Pundit Blog): A.B. Stoddard: Buy What You’re Selling
The Hill: Edwards Will Trade Pie Recipes for Campaign Donations
Washington Post: Ron Paul's One-Man Band in the Granite State
Washington Post: Bush Is Unexpected Loser in Tuesday's Debate
Washington Post: The Girls of 2008
WBZ (Boston): Video: Romney Explains Differences With McCain In N.H.
WBZ (Boston): Romney Says U.S. Image Suffering Overseas
WCAV (Charlottesville): GOP Candidates Distance Themselves From Bush
WCAX (Burlington): Huckabee says debates should highlight differences, no agreement
WCAX (Burlington): State Democrats enlist Al Gore to lobby for climate change bill
WEAU (Eau Claire): Republican Tommy Thompson Criticizing President Bush
WFOR (Miami): Hola! Candidates Invited To Spanish Prez Debate
WFOR (Miami): Video: War In Iraq Takes Center Stage In The Latest GOP Debate
WHDH (Boston): Former president Bill Clinton will deliver Harvard's class day speech
Whittier (CA) Daily News: Robert Rector: Endorsements carry little weight for voters
WHO (Des Moines): Giuliani Skipping Straw Poll to Focus on Iowa Caucuses
WIS (Columbia): McCain enlists South Carolina pastors to help
WJAR (Providence): Whitehouse Endorses Clinton For '08 Run
WMTW (Portland, ME): Which GOP candidate flies first class?
WMTW (Portland, ME): Video: Republicans Take Center Stage At Debate
WNCT (Greenville, NC): Edwards Returns To Rural South Carolina
WOI (Des Moines): Guiliani Will Skip Straw Poll
WSET (Lynchburg): GOP's Huckabee Confuses Key Reagan Dates

12396 hrs, 31 mins until Election Day

ABC News: Candidates Skate Around the Issues in GOP Debate
Albuquerque Journal: Giuliani Breaks N.M. Ice for GOP
Albuquerque Journal: Richardson Watch
Albuquerque Tribune: Army Sgt. James C. Akin, killed in Iraq, had presidential ambitions
Albuquerque Tribune: Energy report chides N.M.
Albuquerque Tribune: Feature: Where is Gov. Bill Richardson?
Arizona Daily Star: Political ad asks, 'Where's the fence?'
Baltimore Sun: Cal Thomas: How can we trust Washington to do the right thing on immigration?
Belleville (IL) News-Democrat: Poll reflects Obama-Clinton tie; analysts cautious about impact
Benton County (AR) Daily Record: Summer months crucial for Huckabee, local political scientist says
Boston Globe: Bit of McCain spontaneity resurfaces
Boston Globe: By standing alone, McCain finds a chance to stand out
Boston Herald: Howie Carr: Three strikes and McCain is a washout
CBS (Early Show): Video: Chief White House Correspondent Bob Schieffer Comments On The GOP Debate
CBS News: GOP Debate Forecasts Stormy Days Ahead
CBS News: Video: Republican Debate
CBS News: Video: GOP Debate - Jeff Greenfield analysis
Chicago Tribune: GOP rivals argue for right to mantle
CNN: Video: Mary Snow reports on the GOP candidates debating immigration reform and national security
CNN: Video: Lightning vs. Giuliani
CNN: GOP candidates keep distance from Bush
CNN: GOP hopefuls take on evolution debate
Concord (NH) Monitor: McCain to GOP: We lost our way
Concord (NH) Monitor: In forum, big three prove their mettle
Denver Post: Jim Spencer: Be careful what you protest for
Denver Post: Tancredo launches effort against immigration bill
Des Moines Register: EXCLUSIVE: Giuliani will skip straw poll
Des Moines Register: Clinton replaces director in Iowa
Des Moines Register: Yepsen: GOP cleans out wounds; more healing needed
Deseret Morning News: Romney defends his faith as 10 hopefuls vie at debate
Detroit News: Candidates mum on manufacturing
Erie Times-News: Jonah Goldberg: Thompson walks the walk and talks with presidential airs
Fort Dodge (IA) Messenger: New campaign focuses on U.S. health care system
Foster's Daily Democrat (NH): GOP hopefuls talk religion, family values
Foster's Daily Democrat (NH): Debate gives lesser-knowns an opportunity
KCNC (Denver): Video: Tancredo Toughens Immigration Campaign At GOP Debate
KSL (Salt Lake City): Romney Defends Church Membership During Presidential Debate
Lawrence (KS) Journal-World: 6News video: Presidential hopeful Fred Thompson has ties to one Lawrence resident
Los Angeles Daily News: New rift opens among candidates
Louisville Courier-Journal: Kathleen Parker: Clinton: It's 'George Bush's War'
Macon (GA) Telegraph: Elizabeth Edwards makes campaign stop in Macon
MSNBC (Scarborough Country): Video: Winners & Losers: Battle of the Thompsons
MSNBC (Scarborough Country): Video: Who won the GOP debate?
NBC (Today Show): Video: Who gained from Republican debate?
NBC (Today Show): Video: Russert on GOP candidates' N.H. debate
New York Observer: Debate Scorecard: G.O.P. Liabilities On Display
New York Observer: Rudy’s Scary Tax Tales
New York Observer: Stat! Clinton Readies Scalpel for Obamacare
New York Sun: McCain Fends Off GOP Gibes for Backing Immigration Bill
New York Sun: Fred, the Elephant in the Room
New York Sun: Seriousness Dominates GOP Debate
Portsmouth (NH) Herald: Candidates set themselves apart
Portsmouth (NH) Herald: Poll: Clinton wins N.H. support
Providence Journal: Sen. Whitehouse endorses Clinton
Providence Journal: Bill Clinton, Giuliani to visit Providence for fundraising
Pueblo Chieftain: Richardson schedules appearance in Pueblo
Sacramento Bee: Marcos Bretón: Hillary woos capital, still hasn't won it
San Antonio Express-News: Richardson cites experience as qualification
Savannah Morning News: Elizabeth Edwards in Savannah
Seattle Times: GOP hopefuls become Bush bashers in debate
State College Centre Daily: Romney bemoans tarnished U.S. image
The Hill (Pundit Blog): John Feehery: Bad Day for President Bush
The Hill (Pundit Blog): Dick Morris: Romney, Rudy Win Debate; McCain Loses
The Hill (Pundit Blog): Karen Hanretty: Ruminations on Romney
The Hill (Pundit Blog): Peter Fenn: The Anti-Bush Debate
The Tennessean: Barack Obama visits Bredesen, Naifeh at Tenn. capitol
Tucson Citizen: Immigration reform ads set to begin airing
Victoria (TX) Advocate: Debating the debate / Six area people watch and comment as GOP contenders face off
Virginian-Pilot: In Hampton, Obama addresses war, poverty and black tensions
Wall Street Journal: In Debate, Few Back Bush on Immigration
Washington Post: McCain Sets Self Apart in Debate
Washington Post: Clinton Overhauls, but Doesn't Exit, in Iowa
Washington Times: Though not on stage, Bush is at center of GOP debate
Washington Times: Clinton, Obama tied in new poll
WBBM (Chicago): Video: A Look At The National Campaign So Far And Chicago's Role
WBZ (Boston): Former President Clinton On Whirlwind Boston Visit
WCBS (New York): Video: Bash Bush Free-For-All At GOP Debate
WCCO (Minneapolis): Video: Republican Presidential Candidates Talk Iraq
WCSC (Charleston, SC): Locals Push For Mitt Romney
WHIO (Dayton): Bill Clinton Returning To Ohio
Wichita Eagle: TV ads blast Brownback stance on immigration
WIS (Columbia): John Edwards recruits Danny Glover for campaign trail
WKRN (Nashville): Senator Barack Obama Visits Nashville
WMTW (Portland, ME): Video: Debate Spin Room: Susan Milinari
WMTW (Portland, ME): Video: Debate Spin Room: Robert Ulrich
WMTW (Portland, ME): Video: Debate Spin Room: Jim Talent
WMTW (Portland, ME): Video: Debate Spin Room: More Robert Urlich
WMTW (Portland, ME): Video: Sen. McCain Defends Immigration Bill
WMTW (Portland, ME): Video: Debate Spin Room: Tommy Thompson
WMTW (Portland, ME): Video: Post Debate Analysis: Romney's Performance
WMTW (Portland, ME): Video: Debate Spin Room: Sam Brownback
WMTW (Portland, ME): Candidates Get Chance To Address Evolution
WMTW (Portland, ME): Video: Romney Confident after Debate
WMTW (Portland, ME): Video: Debate Spin Room: Steve Schmidt
WMTW (Portland, ME): Video: Debate Spin Room: Mike Huckabee
WMTW (Portland, ME): Video: Debate Spin Room: Duncan Hunter
WMTW (Portland, ME): Video: Candidates Consider Role For Current President
WMTW (Portland, ME): Video: Debate Spin Room: Bay Buchanan
WMTW (Portland, ME): Video: Paul Offers Proposition For Iraq Victory
WMTW (Portland, ME): Video: Debate Spin Room: Jim Gilmore
WMTW (Portland, ME): Video: Debate Spin Room: Ron Paul
WMTW (Portland, ME): Video: McCain, Tancredo Tangle Over Language
WMTW (Portland, ME): Video: Duncan Hunter on Performance
WMTW (Portland, ME): Video: Huckabee All Smiles In Spin Room
WMTW (Portland, ME): Video: Romney Offers Private Prescription For Health Care
WMTW (Portland, ME): Video: Debate Spin Room: Tagg Romney
WMTW (Portland, ME): Video: Debate Spin Room: Sally Kidd Wraps it up
WMTW (Portland, ME): Video: McCain: Life Experience Sets Him Apart
WMTW (Portland, ME): Video: Candidates Try To Get Message Out
WMTW (Portland, ME): Video: RTR: Thompson On Job He'd Give Bush
WMUR (Manchester): Responses To Debate Measured In Real Time - View the results from both debates
WMUR (Manchester): Romney Defends Guantanamo, Calls For New Diplomacy
Worcester Telegram: GOP hopefuls say Iraq not lost
WVTM (Birmingham): Senator Dodd To Campaign In Birmingham
WWTI (Watertown): High schoolers to chat with Senator Clinton

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

12409 hrs, 4 mins until Election Day

ABC (Political Radar): Fred Thompson Launches '08 Website
Atlantic City Press: Clinton courting non-voting women
Christian Science Monitor: Can the religious left sway the '08 race?
Clarksville (TN) Leaf-Chronicle: Barack Obama visits Bredesen, Naifeh at Tenn. capitol
CNN (Political Ticker): We’ve got the spins
CNN (Political Ticker): What is an American?
CNN (Political Ticker): McCain: It’s not ‘amnesty’
CNN (Political Ticker): Romney spins Giuliani joke
CNN: 'Massachusetts factor' raises stakes for Romney
CNN: Republicans battle on Iraq, immigration, energy
Des Moines Register: Hunter touches on Iowa Swift raids
FirstCoastNews (Jacksonville): Clinton Campaign Stop Marred by Typo (w/ Video)
Fox News: Video: Fred Thompson with Sean Hannity (Part 1)
Fox News: Video: Fred Thompson with Sean Hannity (Part 2)
Fox News: Video: Fred Thompson with Sean Hannity (Part 3)
Fox News: Video: McCain Doesn't Mince Words in support of immigration bill
Hot Springs Village Voice: New book on Hillary raises old questions (Small Preview Avail; Free after 4 Weeks)
KCBS (Los Angeles): Video: Hillary Says Faith Helped Her Cope During Bill's Infidelity
KCNC (Denver): Author: Hillary Interrogated Bill's Paramours (Amazon)
KMOV (St Louis): Former Senator Danforth talks about Republican debate
Los Angeles Times: Univision proposes presidential debate for Spanish-speaking audience
Minneapolis Star-Tribune: Politics takes back seat as 2008 convention host cities raise money
Minneapolis Star-Tribune: E.J. Dionne Jr.: Candidate Biden deserves a higher profile
Morris Daily Record: New voting machines put to test in primaries
MSNBC: Video: Battle of the Thompsons
NBC (Nightly News): Religious faith becomes talking point for candidates
New York Newsday: Rudy sidesteps questions of faith
New York Observer: Rudy Mum On Bloomberg's Terror Comment
New York Observer: Hillary Supporter: She's Really Competing In Iowa
New York Times: Is U.S. Safer Since 9/11? Clinton and Rivals Spar
Oak Park (IL) Wednesday Journal: Middle School Students: Taking their first political steps
Omaha World-Herald: Romney 'pandering' on immigration, McCain says
Omaha World-Herald: Clinton expands Iowa campaign leadership team
Orlando Sentinel: Legislative leaders agree to presidential primary tax relief vote
Providence Journal: Giuliani to stop at Carnegie Abbey Club, too
Rocky Mountain News: Tancredo to change direction of his campaign
Santa Fe New Mexican: Spanish language seeps into presidential debate
Tacoma News Tribune: Primary will play key role for GOP
The Hill (Pundit Blog): Dick Morris: Iraq will become Hillary's war
The Hill (Pundit Blog): : John Fortier: The forecast for Fred
The Hill (Pundit Blog): : David Hill: Thompson should skip Iowa poll
The Hill: Spanish TV puts '08 hopefuls into a bind
The Hill: Fred's Founders seek $4.6M
The Olympian: State presidential primary in February likely, Reed says
WCBS (New York): Video: Unauthorized Biographies Anger Hillary Clinton Camp (Amazon & Amazon)
Wenatchee (WA) World: Primary to determine 51 percent of GOP delegates
WJAR (Providence): Bishop's Column On Giuliani Garners National Attention
WKRN (Nashville): Presidential Hopeful Barack Obama Visits Nashville
WTKR (Norfolk): Obama Makes Stop In Hampton
WTVM (Columbus, GA): Presidential Hopefuls Capture National Spotlight but Not Some Voters Attention
WVEC (Norfolk): Video: Presidential Hopeful Obama visits HU

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         please see the surrounding posts or follow the debates tag

New Hampshire Republican Debate

ABC (Political Radar): After GOP Debate, Fred Thompson Weighs In
ABC News: Candidates Skate Around the Issues in GOP Debate
Chicago Tribune: GOP presidential candidates debate in New Hampshire
CNN: Video: GOP debate (Part 1 of 4)
CNN: Video: GOP debate (Part 2 of 4)
CNN: Video: GOP debate (Part 3 of 4)
CNN: Video: GOP debate (Part 4 of 4)
CNN: Video: GOP debate analysis
CNN (Political Ticker): Holmes likes the shots at Edwards
CNN (Political Ticker): Case of the slows
CNN (Political Ticker): Huffington and Murphy: Where’s Mike?
CNN (Political Ticker): Schneider: Playing to the conservatives?
CNN (Political Ticker): Front-runners: Don’t change ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’
CNN (Political Ticker): Thompson wouldn’t send Bush to the U.N.
CNN (Political Ticker): Hunter: This administration has a case of the slows
CNN (Political Ticker): Tancredo: Iraq must keep its republic
CNN (Political Ticker): McCain: Love of spending is the root of corruption
CNN (Political Ticker): Would you pardon Libby?
CNN (Political Ticker): An opening for Fred Thompson?
CNN (Political Ticker): A made-for-YouTube moment
CNN (Political Ticker): Huffington: Romney is dangerous for Democrats
CNN (Political Ticker): Paul: U.S. has rejected ‘Just War’ theory of Christianity.
CNN (Political Ticker): Thompson jumps at opportunity to address healthcare
CNN (Political Ticker): Huckabee: GOP has lost credibility
CNN (Political Ticker): Holmes: Debate was a draw, which equals a loss for Romney
CNN (Political Ticker): McCain: Muchas gracias
CNN (Political Ticker): Huckabee gets Reagan’s birthday wrong
CNN (Political Ticker): Paul: Homosexuality is not the issue
CNN (Political Ticker): Romney defends his Massachusetts health care plan
CNN (Political Ticker): Brownback on creationism
CNN (Political Ticker): Debate scorecard
CNN (Political Ticker): Thompson: Washington changed us
CNN (Political Ticker): Giuliani: Iraq war ‘absolutely the right thing to do’
CNN (Political Ticker): Gilmore runs with ‘Rudy McRomney’
CNN (Political Ticker): Audience cheers Tancredo and Romney on immigration
CNN (Political Ticker): Spin room gets animated
CNN (Political Ticker): Thompson on Thompson
CNN (Political Ticker): Hunter: Schwarzenegger not a good model
CNN (Political Ticker): Gilmore advocates shifting away from oil
CNN (Political Ticker): McCain has the last word
CNN (Political Ticker): Giuliani: Ma’am, nominate me
CNN (Political Ticker): Giuliani: What if there’s good news?
CNN (Political Ticker): Most Powerful Moment of the debate
CNN (Political Ticker): Giuliani campaign’s post-debate statement
CNN (Political Ticker): RNC’s statement on New Hampshire GOP debate
CNN: Video: Thompson on health care
CNN: Video: Brownback on evolution
CNN: Video: Immigration reform
CNN: Video: Candidates on Iraq strategy
CNN: Video: Huffington and Murphy's views on the debate
CNN: Video: Viewers respond to debate
CNN: Republicans battle on Iraq, immigration, energy
CNN: Debate evolves into religious discussion
KGO (San Francisco): Fact Check: Republican Presidential Debate
KPIX (San Francisco): Video: Bush Draws Criticism In Third GOP Presidential Debate
Minneapolis Star-Tribune: Republican hopefuls use Bush as punching bag
MSNBC: Video: How would you use President Bush?
MSNBC: GOP hopefuls debate in N.H.
MSNBC: Video: How would you use President Bush?
MSNBC: Who won the GOP debate?
State College Centre Daily: Quotes from Republican debate
WALB (Albany, GA): GOP candidates see God's hand in creation
Wall Street Journal: Immigration Bill in Focus at Debate
WBZ (Boston): Keller: NH Debate Was Rudy's 'Best Night Yet'
WBZ (Boston): Video: Republican Candidates For President Face Off In NH Debate
WBZ (Boston): Republican Presidential Hopefuls Face Off In NH
WFOR (Miami): Web Extra: Unedited-Republican Presidential Debate in New Hampshire, Part 1 (1 Hr)
WFOR (Miami): Web Extra: Unedited-Republican Presidential Debate in New Hampshire, Part 2 (1 Hr)
WFOR (Miami): Video: UM Expert Analyzes Republican Debate
WFOR (Miami): Video: Web Extra: Republican Debate, Mitt Romney--US Was Unprepared For The Fall Of Saddam
WFOR (Miami): Video: Web Extra: Republican Debate, John McCain, Believes US Must Win In Iraq
WFOR (Miami): Video: Web Extra: Republican Debate, Rudy Giuliani On Iraq
WIBW (Topeka): Republican Presidential Candidates Face Off
WLTX (Columbia): Evolution, Bush Among Topics at GOP Debate

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12411 hrs, 11 mins until Election Day

ABC (Political Radar): Giuliani & Romney Voice Anger with Libby Sentence
CBS News: GOP Presidential Hopefuls Chastise Bush
CNN (Political Ticker): Thompson: Let the Iraqi government decide
CNN (Political Ticker): Begala on Romney’s gaffe
CNN (Political Ticker): Murphy: McCain charges ahead
CNN (Political Ticker): Huffington: Giuliani dancing around gays in military
CNN (Political Ticker): President Bush ‘would ever darken the doorstep’ of President Tancredo’s White House
CNN (Political Ticker): Tancredo and Thompson on Bush 43
CNN (Political Ticker): Romney: No apology for becoming anti-abortion
CNN (Political Ticker): Giuliani attacks Democrats’ universal health care plans
CNN (Political Ticker): Tancredo: It’s up to Iraq
CNN (Political Ticker): Begala: Giuliani wins
CNN: Video: Ron Paul on Iraq stepping up
CNN: Candidates tackle hottest topics
MSNBC: Video: Video: GOP Debate: Creationism vs. evolution
MSNBC: Video: GOP candidates on Iraq intelligence
MSNBC: Video: GOP candidates debate options in Iraq
MSNBC: Video: Immigration bill divides Republican candidates
MSNBC: Video: Huckabee, Brownback on creationism vs. evolution
MSNBC: Video: GOP candidates on Iraq intelligence
MSNBC: Video: GOP candidates debate options in Iraq
MSNBC: Video: Lightning strikes Giuliani?
MSNBC: Video: Immigration bill divides Republican candidates
Stamford Advocate: GOP Hopefuls Fault Bush on Iraq, Style
WFOR (Miami): Web Extra: Unedited-Republican Presidential Debate in New Hampshire, Part 1 (1 Hr)
WKMG (Orlando): Bush Draws Fire At GOP N.H. Debate
WMUR (Manchester): Republican Debate Touches On Iraq, Iran, Morals

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         please see the surrounding posts or follow the debates tag